Microsoft reveals first Windows Phone 7 Series Handset

Microsoft launched there much awaited Windows 7 Mobile OS at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona few weeks back. And everyone was waiting when they would reveal the phone running the latest Windows Phone 7 Operating system.

Microsoft has recently revealed the first prototype of a device by LG running Windows Phone 7 mobile at The Engadget Show. There was a surprise for everyone when Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman revealed the first prototype phone running Windows Phone 7 Series and introduced some of the specifications of the phone including QWERTY slider with a multi-touch display. Other then that, it includes the standard Windows Phone 7 prescribed buttons: Home, Back and search.

Engadget said:

it’s just a hair thicker than an iPhone or Nexus One, there are dedicated hardware camera, volume, and power buttons in addition to the back, home, and search buttons dictated by Windows Phone 7 Series

Engadget also said that the phone will have a 5mp Camera with flash and a headphone jack, Other features are not yet confirmed. Although the phone is expected to release in september and may contain features different then ones shown at The Engadget Show. They have also posted a video showing the handset by LG running Windows Phone 7.

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  2. hey maybe they’ll market it with the slogan
    “windows 7phone ….there’s a virus for that”!!! lol

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