Microsoft Security Essentials will send your personal information back to Microsoft

Microsoft has recently released a free anti-virus solution that proves out to be better than almost all paid solutions available for consumers out there. We did a detailed review of the AV earlier and you can read it at the link given in the post. But during extended usage, we came across the following. Turns out that it’s true, there’s no such thing as a free meal. The Microsoft SpyNet membership is a part of Microsoft Security Essentials ( Read Review), which you can’t disable or walk out off, and has 2 types — Basic and Advanced. Both of them have one thing in common though, which says

In some instances, personal information might unintentionally be sent to Microsoft. However, Microsoft will not use this information to indentify your or contact you.

So, be careful if you’re concerned about your privacy and personal data. While Microsoft claims your information will not be used for any purposes, they will have it though.

Microsoft Security Essentials (2)

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