Apps for Windows: New Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox

Yahoo has released a new Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox with features aimed at making information easily and quickly available specially if it’s a part of any Yahoo service. Available for Internet Explorer 6+ and in beta for Firefox, the new toolbar takes a clue out of Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices and MSN Toolbar and provides a new Preview and Go feature. You can add more apps from Yahoo! and other third party ones to customize your toolbar with the information you want.

Yahoo has also integrated Inquisitor’s technology in the toolbar, which is a lot like the Visual Search in Internet Explorer 8, only better looking. It provides the basic query suggestions, search history and ability to search other websites like Flickr and Wikipedia.

Here are the system requirements for the toolbar:

Windows Users

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 or Higher

Browser requirements (You need one of these):

  • Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher)
  • Firefox (version 1.5 or higher)
Mac and Linux users

You need Firefox 1.5 or higher

I was actually going to review the toolbar, but sadly it doesn’t work if you’re using Windows 7. Neither on Firefox or Internet Explorer. It’s weird why a browser toolbar would be dependant on the OS version, but there we have it. I’ll try to review it as soon as they make it Windows 7 compatible.

Download Yahoo! Toolbar

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