Microsoft Sets Guinness World Record Using Kinect…. Again!

Microsoft’s Kinect is one hot item, for multiple reasons. In addition to all the awesome hacks that use the Kinect, it has also been used to set two Guinness World Records. The first was set when the Kinect sold 8,000,000 units in the first 60 days(approx. 133,333 units per day), earning it the title of Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device. The second was set on April 23 in an online 100m dash, using the Kinect Sports ‘Sprint’ mini-game at a specific time.

We can now announce that Xbox LIVE members across the globe have set a new Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous online 100m sprint! If you’re one of the 10,539 people that took part, you can call yourself a World Record holder!

All who participated in the event will receive a Guinness World Records tee shirt for their avatar. If you were involved, feel free to leave a comment about how it feels to hold a World Record!

Microsoft Sets Guinness World Record Using Kinect.... Again!

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