Support for smaller groups using Together Mode on Microsoft Teams currently under beta testing

According to a new report, Microsoft Teams is receiving a new feature. Microsoft is adding support for smaller gatherings, as low as two participants, to Together Mode on Teams. Together Mode uses artificial intelligence to take all participants of a call and place them in a shared virtual space.

Launched in 2016 as a collaborative tool by allowing users to chat, share content, and more, Microsoft Teams became an integral part of remote work last year due to its innovative features that allow individuals to experience human interaction whilst being in a virtual workplace.

Microsoft Teams

Together Mode on Microsoft Teams to gain support for groups of two

Announced in July 2020, Together Mode allows users to change backgrounds or add background blur to create an illusion that all participants are in a shared space for the host. Teams uses Microsoft’s AI segmentation technology to recognize and carve out a participant’s image from the background. With Together Mode, the images are inserted into a shared virtual space like an auditorium or a coffee shop so instead of lots of little squares, all of the conference participants now sit in an auditorium

The aim of Together Mode is to make video conferences more comfortable and less monotonous by combining all elements that are important for human interaction like, eye contact, behavioral and social cues and using them to maximize productivity.

Together Mode Microsoft Teams

Together Mode can handle up to 49 users at a time with a minimum of five participants required to access the feature. Soon, however, Together Mode will be available to use with just two users.

The new ability is currently under testing and is only available for people using Teams’ Developer preview but soon it will be available for all users. To access the preview, go to Teams, click the ellipsis next to your profile picture, select About, then tick Developer Preview. Note that if you are using a work account, the option may be unavailable as the ability to turn previews on or off is controlled by organizations.

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