Microsoft Windows 8 Internal Developmental Plans Leaked!

According to a report, an internal leak in Microsoft has revealed company’s developmental plans for Windows 8. A slide posted yesterday by Zdnet details Microsoft’s roadmap for Windows 8. The slide hints that Windows 8 Milestone 2 is close to completion while work on Milestone 3 will begin on February 28 which would take another 5 months to complete. Until now, Microsoft has been extremely quiet regarding the Windows 8 project despite showing off a preview of an early build of Windows 8 last week at CES in Las Vegas.


According to WinRumors:

Milestone 3 work should take around five months, assuming it has to go through the same coding, integration and then fixing and lockdown stages as M2. The software giant has compiled a number of Milestone 2 builds recently ready for the final M2 build that will be distributed internally and externally to the company’s closest partners. Microsoft compiled 6.2.7947.0.winmain_win8m2_escrow.110218-1608 on Friday following a number of Windows 8 builds over the past couple of weeks.

Steve Ballmer has described the next release of Windows as the company’s “riskiest product bet”. It is understood that Microsoft will feature deep cloud integration into the future OS to realise its vision of “three screens and a cloud”.

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[via WinRumors]

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