Mininova gone Legal!

mininova1After losing a civil dispute against Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN, Mininova has decided to remove all torrents from their website except the ones that were uploaded via their content distribution service. Their content distribution service was launched back in 2007 and it allows users to easily publish and distribute their content for free. From today onwards, there will be no illegal content on the website.


Mininova is one of the largest torrent site which was founded in 2005 by five Dutch students as a small project which gained much popularity since Suprnova was shut down due to legal issues. Earlier this year the Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN decided to take Mininova to court after various takedown requests for copyrighted material. The case for taken to court in June and the verdict was for Mininova to remove all illegal content from their website or face penalties. It says on their blog that many filtering systems were tried but all in vain. They have yet to decide whether they will appeal the verdict.



[Via TorrentFreak]

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