This modded iPhone features USB-C AND Lightning ports

An engineer has managed to modify Apple’s iPhone 12 mini to feature both USB-C and Lightning connectivity ports, side by side. 

Modded iPhone USB-C and Lightning connectivity

Engineer manages to mod an iPhone to feature both USB-C and Lightning connectivity

It has been reported numerous times that Apple’s Lightning port, which is a decade old at this point, could become obsolete as the tech giant plans to switch to USB-C as soon as this year with the iPhone 15 lineup. In a new video posted on Saturday by YouTuber Hyphaistos3672, the vision of USB-C on iPhone was taken a step further with both USB-C and Lightning ports being added to an iPhone 12 mini.

An iPhone 12 mini with an additional connection in the base is shown in the video. The engineer turned the iPhone into a “TwinPort” device by adding a USB-C port to the side of the Lightning port.

Modded iPhone USB-C and Lightning connectivity

The YouTuber achieved this feat by disassembling the iPhone, drilling a hole in the base for the new port, adding a USB-C port, wiring it up to connections on the old hardware, and putting everything back together. In the end, they were able to use both the old and new ports to connect the iPhone to iTunes.

Recently, hardware prototyping consultant Ken Pillonel 3D-printed a case for the AirPods Pro, swapping the Lightning charging port for a USB-C port. In the past, Pillonel modded an iPhone with a USB-C port.

The video surfaces after a similar release from YouTuber and engineer Ken Pillonel, who replaced Lightning with USB-C on an AirPods Pro charging case. He also previously performed his own USB-C iPhone modification in 2021.

The first iPhone models featuring a USB-C connector are expected to be released this year, according to TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. EU regulations will require Apple to switch new AirPods models to USB-C by late 2024.

It is rumored that Apple has created its own USB-C model for the iPhone 15 lineup. It is possible that the move could allow the Cupertino tech giant to restrict certain features, including fast charging and high-speed data transfer, to Apple and MFi-certified cords.

Check out the full video below to see the first iPhone with USB-C and Lightning ports in action:

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