Move Youtube videos to the Photos App in iPod Touch

orig_iphone_youtube_logoMost jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch users have an app for downloading Youtube videos. The problem with these apps is that the downloaded videos don’t appear in the camera roll automatically. Video Mover, a jailbreak app, fixes this issue. It automatically moves all videos recorded with Cycorder (iPhone only), Video Recorder 3G (iPhone only) and those downloaded from Youtube to the Camera Roll.

Here are the steps to get this app on your jailbroken iPod:

  • You should have a jailbroken iPod Touch. Here’s a helpful guide on jailbreaking.
  • You’ll need a Youtube downloading app. I personally use YourTube from Cydia as it integrated nicely with the Youtube app.
  • Install SBSettings from Cydia. Just type it in the search tab and you’ll find it.
  • For video mover,a repo has to be added to Cydia. Add to the sources.IMG_0048


  • Now search for Video Mover and install it. Swipe the top status bar and SBSettings menu will appear. Enable the Video Mover toggle.IMG_0095

That’s it. From now on, whenever you download a video using Youtube on your iPod Touch, it’ll appear in the ‘Saved Photos’ folder in the Photos app. From here, you can trim them or copy and paste them in an email to share with friends.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

[via Redmond Pie]

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