Frustrated with the “My AI” on Snapchat, users flood App Store with 1-star reviews

Snapchat expanded the My AI chatbot to all users which was previously available for Snapchat Plus subscribers, along with other features last week. However, several users are not happy with the feature as it is enabled automatically and are leaving one-star reviews on the App Store to get it removed.

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Earlier this year, Snapchat Inc. introduced a new paid tier Snapchat Plus on iOS which offers exclusive features like My AI chatbot, the ability to change the logo, and more. 

The new chatbot is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT to answer trivia questions, suggest recipes, provide trip recommendations, offer buying advice, and much more.

Snapchat My AI

Placement of My AI on top of the chat feed on Snapchat irks users

Unlike the Snapchat Plus tier, My AI is enabled by default on the standard or free tier and the chatbot is pinned on top of the chat feed on the app with no option for the users to hide, remove or unpin it. 

TechCrunch spotted that over the past week, there was a rise in 1-star reviews of the app on the App Store which called for the removal of the chatbot. 

Over the past week, Snapchat’s average U.S. App Store review was 1.67, with 75% of reviews being one-star, according to data from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower. For comparison, across Q1 2023, the Snapchat average U.S. App Store review was 3.05, with only 35% of reviews being one-star.

The number of daily reviews has also increased by five times over the last week, the firm noted.

Snapchat My AI

Additionally, Apptopia also reported similar rating trends for Snapchat in the past seven days, and the day after, My AI global release, the one-star ratings of the app increased by 3x. 

Another app data provider, Apptopia, reports a similar trend. Its analysis shows “AI” was the top keyword in Snapchat’s App Store reviews over the past seven days, where it was mentioned 2,973 times. The firm has given the term an “Impact Score” rating of -9.2. This Impact Score is a weighted index that measures the effect a term has on sentiment and ranges from -10 to +10.

Snapchat My AI

According to the report, the reasons for the spike in the app’s negative reviews are My AI’s placement on top of users’ chat feeds, hoarding up valuable screen real estate usually for their chats with family and friends, and having to pay for Snapchat+ to unpin it and knowing their location.

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