.NET coming to Android in the form of MonoDroid

Novell has a working version of Mono called MonoTouch for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which lets you create C# and .NET applications for the platform with .NET bindings for native iPhone APIs. It integrates with XCode, so .NET developers can easily work on creating stunning apps for the iPhone. Seems as if Novell is trying to repeat the same strategy for Android with MonoDroid. This was confirmed by Miguel de Icaza who works for Novell, on his blog:

But we have also just started an effort to ship MonoDroid: Mono for the Android platform. This will include a comprehensive binding to the Java APIs, but accessible through the JIT-compiled, 335-powered runtime engine.

Our vision is to allow developers to reuse their engine and business logic code across all mobile platforms and swapping out the user interface code for a platform-specific API. MonoTouch for iPhone devices and the Monodroid APIs for Android devices.

Since the Android SDK is available for Windows, unlike the iPhone SDK, MonoDroid should run on Windows, allowing .NET programmers like me to take a shot at Android development ( .NET developers looking to work on iPhone apps using Windows should take a look at DragonFireSDK ).

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