Netflix launches Game Controller app for TV gaming as it expands into gaming

The evolution of Netflix has taken yet another turn. The video streaming giant has introduced the Netflix Game Controller app which turns a smartphone into a controller. The latest launch is a mark of Netflix’s further expansion into the world of gaming. 

In addition to its extensive catalog of TV shows and movies, Netflix also offers a gaming service that is available to all users who have an active Netflix subscription. The company launched the service for Android and iOS in November 2021 with 5 titles initially. Now, it offers a diverse array of 68 titles of standalone games as well as games that tie into some of its TV shows.

Netflix Game Controller app

Netflix Game Controller app is available for iPhone and iPad

The buzz surrounding Netflix’s move into gaming has been validated as the Netflix Game Controller app becomes available for download on the App Store. This app aims to transform your smartphone or tablet into a game controller, delivering a novel way to engage with your favorite content.

Upon launching the app, users are greeted with a clean and minimalist interface. A floating white d-pad is positioned on the left, while the distinctive Netflix ‘N’ logo takes center stage at the top. Notably, the app’s icon itself boasts an intriguing design that captures the essence of this new gaming venture.


Getting started is a breeze. Users select a game on their TV and follow the provided instructions to establish a connection, ushering them into the realm of gaming. Note that Netflix Games on TV are currently in beta, which means that compatibility might vary across devices.

While this may seem like a departure from Netflix’s core streaming service, it’s reminiscent of Apple’s Remote feature, which includes a gamepad layout for enjoying games on Apple TV. By introducing the Netflix Game Controller app, the company adds an interactive layer to its offerings, fostering a more immersive and engaging entertainment experience.

As the entertainment landscape continues to shift, the Netflix Game Controller app represents a significant step toward more interactive and engaging content consumption. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated entertainment enthusiast, Netflix’s latest app allows you to embrace a new era of TV-based gaming.

  • Download the Netflix Game Controller app for free here.
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