You can now get a Netflix membership via in-app purchase from App Store

Netflix has updated its payment methods to include in-app purchases on iOS devices but at the same cost that users pay otherwise. This means that if you are on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can subscribe to Netflix or keep paying via in-app purchases for $8.99 per month.

Netflix and chill via in-app purchases
iOS users can now Netflix and chill via in-app purchases

This is very convenient as you can setup recurring purchases via App Store and not worry about paying via PayPal or credit card separately for Netflix. The same subscription will work across all devices, whether PCs, consoles or smart TVs. Users can subscribe to all the Netflix plans via in-app purchases as per below prices:

  • Netflix 1 Screens – Unlimited Streaming: $7.99 (SD only)
  • Netflix 2 Screens – Unlimited Streaming: $8.99 (upto HD)
  • Netflix 4 Screens – Unlimited Streaming: $11.99 ()

Netflix made a video called ‘Mystery iPhone’ with Suzanne and Taystee, characters from the popular show Orange is the New Black, to announce the new update.

This is different to what Spotify does. If you subscribe to Spotify via in-app purchases, it costs $12.99 per month whereas subscribing otherwise, from the website or via gift cards, costs $9.99 per month because of Apple’s 30% cut. Netflix is either charging less to iOS using customers or seems to have inked a deal with Apple to bypass the revenue share.

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