Netflix phases out basic ads-free plan

Netflix is phasing out its cheapest ad-free subscription plan, the Basic tier. They’ve started with Canada and the UK, and it’s likely to roll out to other countries eventually.


Many Netflix subscribers have grown accustomed to the convenience and affordability of the Basic plan. It allowed them to enjoy their favorite shows and movies without commercials, albeit on a single screen with standard-definition streaming.

Now, these viewers face a tough decision: upgrade to a more expensive ad-free plan, switch to the new ad-supported tier, or cancel their subscription altogether.

Standard with ads plan

To soften the blow of the Basic plan’s demise, Netflix has introduced the Standard with Ads plan. This new option offers a lower price point than the standard ad-free plan but comes with the caveat of watching commercials.

However, it boasts higher-quality streaming compared to the older Basic plan. This seems to be Netflix’s attempt to cater to viewers who prioritize affordability over an ad-free experience.


Uncertainties and user frustration

The removal of the Basic plan has caused frustration among some Netflix users. Those who value uninterrupted viewing are now forced to pay more for an ad-free plan.

Additionally, the price increase for some existing Basic plan subscribers to switch to the standard ad-free tier is another point of contention.

Is this the future of streaming?

Netflix’s decision reflects a broader trend in the streaming landscape. Many platforms are exploring ad-supported tiers to reach new audiences and generate additional revenue. With the success of its ad-supported tier in attracting new sign-ups, Netflix seems to be betting big on this model.

However, it remains to be seen if existing subscribers will embrace the change or if this move will lead to user churn.

What now for Netflix users?

Here’s a breakdown of your options:

  • Upgrade to a Standard or Premium plan: This maintains the ad-free experience but comes with a price increase for previous Basic plan users.
  • Switch to the Standard with Ads plan: This offers a lower price point but includes commercials and higher-quality streaming.
  • Cancel your subscription: If the new options don’t suit your needs, you can always cancel and explore other streaming services.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your individual preferences and budget. Do you prioritize ad-free viewing or are you open to commercials for a lower price? Carefully consider your options before choosing a new plan.

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