YouTube unveils five new features for Premium subscribers

YouTube is rolling out new features for its Premium subscribers to enhance the viewing experience through innovative tools and advanced technology. Here’s a detailed look at these exciting new offerings.

YouTube Premium

AI-powered jump-ahead button

One of the most anticipated features is the AI-powered “jump ahead” button. This tool uses artificial intelligence to allow users to skip directly to the most engaging parts of a video.

Unlike the standard ten-second skip, the AI analyzes viewer data to predict and highlight key moments that are likely to captivate the audience. This feature is designed to save time and enhance the viewing experience by quickly navigating to the most interesting segments of a video.

YouTube shorts jump ahead

Picture-in-picture for YouTube Shorts

YouTube is expanding its picture-in-picture mode to include YouTube Shorts. This allows users to continue watching Shorts in a small, resizable window while navigating other apps or browsing other content on YouTube.

This feature is designed to keep users engaged with their favorite short-form videos without interrupting their multitasking.

Smart Downloads for Shorts

The new Smart Downloads feature is being extended to YouTube Shorts as part of an experimental rollout. This feature automatically downloads recommended Shorts to your library while connected to Wi-Fi.

These videos are stored on your device, making them available for offline viewing. This ensures that users have access to their favorite short-form content even when they’re not connected to the internet.

Conversational AI

YouTube is also experimenting with a conversational AI feature. This tool allows users to interact with an AI chatbot that can answer questions about the video they are watching and provide content recommendations.

The AI can summarize videos and suggest related content, making it easier for users to find relevant information and enhance their engagement with the platform.

New watch page UI

A new watch page UI is being tested to improve the user interface and make the viewing experience more intuitive. This updated design aims to provide easier access to key features, enhance navigation, and deliver a cleaner, more streamlined look.

This experimental feature is part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to refine the user experience and ensure that the platform remains user-friendly and visually appealing.


By leveraging AI and other advanced technologies, YouTube is making video consumption more convenient, interactive, and engaging. Whether you’re a current subscriber or are considering upgrading to YouTube Premium, these updates provide compelling reasons to enjoy an improved viewing experience.

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