Netflix begins rolling out spatial audio support for original content

Netflix is rolling out spatial audio support for select original shows, starting today. The immersive experience will enhance how viewers watch a series or a movie with headphones. The streaming giant is bringing spatial audio to its content in collaboration with Sennheiser.


Immersive spatial audio experience is now available on Netflix for all streaming plans

As per Netflix’s announcement, spatial audio “is compatible with all devices, all streaming plans, and does not require surround sound speakers or home theater equipment.”

Often, the subtlety of sound goes unnoticed, but it can have a profound impact on the atmosphere of a scene and fundamentally change the audience’s response. Some of the most iconic moments in TV and film are defined by the immersive moments they create through sound. Without its excellent sound design, would the final fight scene in The Adam Project be as electric? Would Eddie Munson’s epic guitar scene in Stranger Things 4 bring the ǝpᴉsdn uʍop to life the same way?

Spatial audio support has begun rolling out across the company’s catalog today, starting with The Adam Project and Stranger Things 4.

Spatial audio will roll out across our catalog beginning today, and you can hear it for yourself by typing “spatial audio” into the search bar and selecting a show or film that supports it in the search results. This magical combination of sight and sound will bring viewers closer to the story, and we’re excited to add this capability to other features we support like 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos®, and Netflix Calibrated Mode.

For viewers who have Apple devices that support spatial audio, they can start enjoying Netflix’s new immersive experience when it becomes available to them.

Compatible Apple devices include the iPhone 7 or later, iPad Air third-generation and later, iPad mini fifth-generation and later, iPad Pro third-generation or later, and Apple TV 4K. Note that the iPhones and iPads must be running iOS 15.1 or above and the ‌Apple TV‌ 4K must be running tvOS 15 or above.

Spatial Audio
Apple headphones that support the experience include the AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, AirPods (3rd generation), and the Beats Fit Pro.

Learn how to enable Spatial Audio on your iPhone here.

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