Google unveils new logo and branding

Google has unveiled a redesigned logo and branding. The new logo looks modern and is even flatter than before. The typography has changed, with the last e slighted titled back. With Google’s Material design language, the logo style fits right in with the aesthetics.

New Google Logo

Google is not only updating the logo but also their branding across their assets across different platforms including desktop, mobile, smartwatches, cars and more. According to Google, the reason behind this change is because Google is now available not only on desktop but on multiple platforms and devices. Unlike the previous logo and branding, which was only focused on desktop. Although, if you go back in time, Google has been on smartphones and tablets since a long time, so this brand update might be a little late in the making.

The animations also get a facelift by becoming more colourful and bouncy – perfect Material design stuff right there. The small g icon/favicon is also changed to a capital G which has all the four colours from the Google logo.

The new design is rolling out across Google’s products soon and you should be finding more of it in Search, Chrome, Gmail, Maps and the likes. It is yet to be seen how much of change this will be for the branding of those products as most of them already have the Material design implemented across different platforms. Except the Google logo, the changes should be minimal as the focus on colourful animations started last year.

Of course, such a big announcement is incomplete without a video. Here’s the video of the new branding by Google:

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