Cardiogram app creates heart rate graphs from Apple Watch readings

Create graphs mapping our your heart rate for free with Cardiogram. This free app for iPhone reads data from the Health app in iOS, which can be either from an Apple Watch or any compatible hearth rate monitor, and creates graphs which can be used for tracking activity, memories, and other information. The graphs can easily be saved and shared online.

Cardiogram app iPhone

Cardiogram is a free app and requires no registration or signs up to use. Once you give it permission to read your heart rate data from Health app, it will continue working in the background with your Apple Watch or any third party heart rate monitor and keep creating graphs from the data. The graphs are updated through out the day so different information can be tracked.

Here is what can Cardiogram can do:

  • Measure resting heart rate. This requires a minimum of 20 readings in a day
  • See your minimum and maximum heart rates through out the day. This information can be used to identify when the user was stressed or any abnormalities in the heart rate
  • Add notes and details to your graphs. Using start and end time to mark activities on the graphs which can be then shared online. Example.
  • Graphs can be in two resolutions: High or Max. High resolution gives an overview of the complete day which Max gives a breakdown so can you dig down into per minute readings.
  • Start work outs and get continuous readings. This only works with Apple Watch Workouts app.
  • Mark graphs as favourites.

Here is an example of the kind of graphs (or cardiograms) that can be created during a concert. Note that the labels are added manually along with start/end timings.

Cardiogram app heart rate graphs Apple Watch readings

Another interesting example could be while watching a movie. Users can view the graph to see how their heart rate responded to different parts of the movie. While these are examples of fun activities, the workouts readings provide good details on how your heart rate was through out your routine.

While the Health app shows data on a graph for heart rate readings, it can not be shared online. Also, the reading shows different points of data through out the day instead of plotting a graph like Cardiogram, which makes the app very useful.

Cardiogram is available for free for iPhone users and works perfectly with Apple Watch. There is also a beta version in the works for Android Wear owners. Interested users can sign up for the beta from the official website.

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