Instagram Direct gets new features and improvements

Instagram Direct has gotten a number of new features after a long time. Instagram released the Direct messaging update to the app in 2013, which allowed users to share photos and videos privately with each other. After 85 million Direct users and 2 years later, Instagram is adding threaded messaging and quick sharing from feed, along with multiple other improvements, in version 7.5 of their app.

Instagram Direct Instagram Direct version 2

Here is all you can do with the new updates:

  • Threaded messages mean that you no longer have to start a new conversation every time you shared something via Direct. All shares with a contact and group stay in the same thread, just like iMessage or Whatsapp.
  • Groups can now be renamed
  • You can now reply with photos right from within the Direct thread or use large Emojis
  • Content from your main feed can be shard using Direct with a contact or groups. This ‘Send to’ option is a quick way to share content with someone rather than typing an ‘@’ comment which has become far too common (and annoying for other users to read in comments)

Check out the video of the new Direct features below:

Instagram had just added landscape and portrait photos support to their app in version 7.5 recently. The Direct feature is shipping in the same version release however, it is not enabled for yours truly so far so it might be rolling out slowly to users.

Instagram Direct 2

Instagram Direct updates are available in version 7.5 of the app which is now available for iOS and Android.

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