Instagram adds support for landscape and portrait formats

Instagram has unveiled a major update to its Android and iOS apps – it will now support landscape and portrait formats for photos and video uploads. This changes the basic concept of Instagram which forced users to take photos and videos in the square 1:1 format since its beginning.

Version 7.5 of Instagram for iPhone and Android smartphones will roll out support for the new formats. Users would be able to press the double-opposing arrow buttons when selecting a photo or video, to display it in either landscape or portrait orientation. Video creators would also be able to share widescreen or portrait videos on Instagram.

Users can view the different content formats in the feed in an integrated way so there wouldn’t be white space around the borders at all, as compared to what we see at the moment when third party apps are used to crops photos and force them into different orientations. In grid view, a square crop from the center of the image will be shown as the thumbnail.

The new update should make lots of photographers happy as users would not have to crop off their content anymore. Instagram has also changed how filters work. Instead of separate filters for photos and videos, the same ones will work for both. Users can also change the intensity of filters for videos now.

It will be interesting to see how the new landscape and portrait content will appear on the web version of Instagram or embedded content on different websites.

Download Instagram version 7.5 from App Store

Download Instagram version 7.5 from Google Play Store

Instagram adds support for landscape and portrait formats


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