Instagram announces Snapchat Stories

Instagram has announced a new Instagram Stories update for iOS and Andriod today. Instagram Stories lets users compile their photos and videos in a slideshow to share their favorite moments of the day. In addition, users can express their creativity by adding text or drawing on their photos or videos. 

Instagram announces Snapchat Stories 2

Instagram Stories will be separate from user’s feeds and will show in a bar at the top user’s personal feed. A user’s profile photo will show a colorful ring around it to indicate new stories. To see a user’s public stories, just tap on their profile photo. The posted stories will be available to view for only 24 hours.

Instagram announces Snapchat Stories 3

By default, stories will follow user’s account privacy settings. If an account is private, stories will only show to approved followers. Public account’ stories will be visible to all. Users can also choose individual privacy settings for their stories so they remain hidden from selected followers. These privacy settings can also be updated at any time after posting. Users can select any part of their Story and post it on their Instagram feed too.

When viewing a story, users can tap on the photos or videos to go back and forward, and swipe to move from one user’s story to the next. Users can also see who viewed their story by swiping up on any photo or video in their share. Followers can tap any part of the Story to send a message to the creator via Instagram Direct. There are no public comments or likes for Stories.

If all of the above gives you a Deja Vu, you must be a Snapchat user. You can replace Instagram with Snapchat in the above article and it will still hold true.

Facebook has gone ahead and completely lifted Snapchat’s popular Stories feature and combined it with Instagram. Not long ago, there were rumors that Snapchat had turned down a buyout deal from Facebook. So perhaps Marks’ philosophy turned to if you can’t buy them, clone them?

The only thing Instagram Stories seems to be missing is filters for now. Facebook already owns Msqrd so do not be surprised if they use it to add filters to Instagram Stories soon.

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