Apple positions iPad Pro as a computer in new ad

Apple has posted a new video on YouTube in which it promotes iPad Pro as a versatile computer. A computer with a keyboard that can get out of the way when needed, a touch screen with Pencil and handwriting support and more. This narrative of what an iPad Pro should do has become an age old question and Apple has demoed put it in the video.

Apple positions iPad Pro as a computer in new ad

iPad Pro has had a question glued to it ever since its launch. It is a pro class device, which can even edit 4K video but the apps do not compare to full fledged desktop apps that provide unprecedented control. It has a best in class drawing tool in the form of Apple Pencil but it works with a device that has a restricted file system, hardware extensibility, and app interoperability. For certain use cases like content consumption, the iPad proved itself as the perfect device, long ago. However, in the era of Surface Pro and the likes, where a desktop operating system works in an iPad-like form factor and provides touch and stylus functionality too, iPad Pro has had its fair share of critics.

Despite all the criticism, users love the iPad Pro. according to IDC, iPad’s year over year growth is down 9% to sale figures of under 10 million units, but its market share has increased over the same period from 24.9% to 25.8%. This is largely due to the introduction of iPad Pro, 12-inch, and 9.7-inch models, during this time as well as Samsung’s falling tablet sales numbers. The Pro models also helped raise the average selling price (and revenue) of iPads, which had fallen due to the low prices of iPad Mini. Apple also continues selling older iPad models for cheaper prices, every year, despite introducing newer models, which lead to the ASP decline in the past.

With iOS 10, Apple did not introduce any iPad specific updates or enhancements. It is expected that with iOS 10.1, Apple would shift its focus to improving the iPad experience. With iOS 9, Apple has released split-screen multitasking, slide-over and picture-in-picture video playback which gave a big boost to productivity and content consumption on iPad.

Check out the What’s a Computer video below. Imagine what your computer could do, if your computer was an iPad Pro.

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