New iPhone 3G S Ad by Apple: 12 Days of Xmas

image Apple has released a new iPhone 3G S ad just before Christmas called 12 Days of Xmas. It shows 12 apps that range from card sending, to cooking, gift sending and other such holiday traditions. It ends with an app that can light up your Christmas tree. Now, that is cool!

Here’s the complete list of apps shown in the ad as compiled by Cult of Mac:

– 12 cookies cooking: The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook [gratis]
– 11 cards a’ sending: Postman [ $2.99]
– 10 gifts for giving: My Christmas Gift List [ $0.99]
– 9 songs for singing: TabToolkit [$9.99]
– 8 bells for ringing: Holiday Bells [ $0.99]
– 7 slopes a’ skiing: Snow Reports $1.99]
– 6 games for playing: Christmas Fever [ $0.99]
– 5 gold rings: Anna Sheffield Jewelry [ gratis]
– 4 hot lattes: myStarbucks [gratis]
– 3 flights home: Flight Search [gratis]
– 2 feet of snow: Weather Pro [$3.99]
– Tree-lighting app : Schlage LiNK [gratis]



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