New Kids section with teacher approved apps added to Google Play

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, children are spending much more time in front of their screens than they usually do. Google says it heard from parents that it was difficult to find kid-friendly apps they felt good about letting their children use, which is why the tech giant chose to launch a new “Teacher Approved” section on Google Play. This new section of apps was expected to be launched later this year but given the present circumstances, Google opted to release it now.

The apps included in this section have been reviewed and rated highly by teachers. The company has also ensured that the apps meet their quality standards. Users can see reasons why teachers gave them a thumbs up, such as what they are teaching kids about, or age appropriateness. Users can spot a “teacher-approved” badge on an app when they search the Play Store or see a selection of such software in the Kids tab.

Kids Section Google Play

It’s not always easy for parents to figure out which apps are suitable for their kids, so this is a welcomed move by Google. Meanwhile, teachers are also using video games to educate their students. They are using Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey for history lessons, educational experiences in sandbox games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Dreams, and games are proving to be a valuable lifeline for many teachers and students. Google wrote in a blog post:

We trust teachers to enrich our kids while they’re in school, and we’re grateful they’ve shared their expertise to rate the apps kids use when they’re not in school as well.

Google has reported that they are receiving very positive feedback about these changes being very useful given the present global situation. The company has promised to add new content as soon as possible. The new Kids section is rolling out over the next few days in the US, and Google expects to launch it internationally in the coming months.

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