New MagSafe Charger revealed in Apple’s FCC filings

With Apple’s fall 2021 event around the corner, where the company is expected to announce iPhone 13, we have some news about the MagSafe Charger. As per a new FCC filing from Apple, the company is working on a revised version of the MagSafe Charger which could mean an update to the MagSafe accessories for iPhone 13.

MagSafe Charger

Apple could release a revised MagSafe Charger alongside iPhone 13

First spotted by Dave Zatz, the updated MagSafe cable and charger added to the FCC databases comes with a model number A2548. The current MagSafe Charger, which is compatible with iPhone 12, is recognized as  A2140. The revised test unit was submitted to the FCC less than a month ago on August 13, 2021

Apple MagSafe charger

As per the filings, we do not know what is different with this version of the MagSafe charger. The filing does note successful approval of “magnetic charger” able to deliver 15 watts of power to iPhone and 1 watt to AirPods. Since the output of the revised charger is the same as Apple’s current MagSafe hardware, we can speculate the new charger will feature minor internal changes.

The FCC tested the new MagSafe charger with eight different iPhone models. The document notes iPhone models A2341, A2172, A2176, and A2342 as “Legacy Phone,” which are all iPhone 12 units. The charger was also tested with four “new phone” models that are unlikely iPhone 13 models.

In July, it was reported that Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup may feature larger charging coils than its current flagship lineup features. This would increase the surface area of space used for the process of wireless charging which would allow higher wattages to be used for charging. Increasing the coil size would also allow iPhone to recharge other devices through wireless charging.

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