Apple rejects pay inequity concerns and urges employees to report workplace misconduct, internally

Apple’s usual private workplace issues have become more public recently. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the employees were moved to Slack for team collaboration and communication but that also provided a platform to some disgruntled employees to discuss serious matters like pay inequity and workplace misconduct. So much so, former and current employees have organized against the company’s culture of secrecy and privacy and aim to hold it accountable for ignoring employees.

After the establishment of the #AppleToo movement, the Cupertino tech giant has addressed the issues directly with the employees. A day before Labor Day, the company’s retail and people chief Deirdre O’Brien, an internal video message, asked the employees to believe in the system.


Apple has achieved pay equity says the company’s Cheif of Retail and People

In the video, seen by MacRumors, Deirdre O’Brien requested the employees to report workplace misconduct to their managers and business relations partner. She assured that the company’s investigation process is confidential, dignified, and respectful.

Now, I want you to hear this directly from me. First, if you ever have a concern about your pay at Apple, please talk to your manager or your people business partner. And second, if you ever want to report a concern about your work environment, please come and talk to us, please. And know that we have a confidential process to thoroughly investigate in a way that treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Previously, #AppleToo published five stories that bemoan workplace harassment, emotional and sexual abuse experiences in the retail and corporate divisions. The anonymous complainants said they had raised their issues internally but no actions were taken against the harassers who are usually, white male employees.


Furthermore, O’Brien also addressed pay inequity concerns. And without mentioning the organized group, she said that “few employees have asked questions about pay equity” a cause to which Apple is “deeply committed”. She added that data from the United States reveals that the company has already “achieved pay equity”. However, it is still an “ongoing effort”.

“We use industry-standard methodology, and we have a dedicated team of experts that runs a comprehensive process to monitor and maintain pay equity. And we partner with an independent third party that analyzes our compensation each year. If this work identifies a gap, we close it. And our approach is considered best in class.”

The company is also facing an investigation by the U.S. national labor agency on complaints filed by currently employed engineers at the company: senior engineering program manager Ashley Gjovik was accused of workplace harassment after raising sexism concerns and software engineer Cher Scarlett accused the company of crushing serious discussion on pay equity.

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