New Microsoft Ad: ‘Uncool for Mac’ Laptop Hunters.

The newest ad in the ‘Life Without Walls’ Windows marketing campaign is out. It shows Lauren hunting for a laptop. She goes to the Apple Store but finds only 1 laptop under $1000 which is her budget. Turns out that the 13” Macbook is too small for her. But after some more searching, she finds an HP Pavilion that is just what she wanted. It has a 17” inch screen size and costs just $700. The funny voice part is when she’s told ‘Congrats Lauren, It’s a PC’. Nice stab at Apple. Just have to see what Apple hits back with in their I’m a Mac ads.

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  1. Ok so you’re telling me that she couldn’t afford a Mac, but somehow she was able to buy a Volkswagen? Those cars don’t have a very low price tag, from what I remember.

    What’s more, if she’s a college student, she’s more likely to buy a Mac because her friends might have one. Just look at college students today, a lot of them actually do have Macs.

    And what person walks around with $1000 cash in their wallet?

    It’s a silly, poorly considered commercial.

  2. So she walked out of Best By with a computer with an operating system full of adware and not one useful program to manage here pictures, movies or music. Not to mention it will run slower than advertised after she installs virus protection. Tell me again what was the savings?

  3. Okay, but the Apple store was her first choice. She would have preferred a Mac if Apple made what she was looking for.

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