Apple working on inclusive Vision Pro accessories and a head scanning app

Vision Pro accessories’ include Light Seal, headband, and vision correction lens. In addition to these, Apple is also working on more paraphernalia for the device to ensure it fits everyone perfectly.

In its latest report on the mixed reality headset’s launch, Bloomberg states that the tech giant is working on inclusive Vision Pro accessories and a head scan app for iPhone.

Apple Vision Pro

Powered by dual M2 and R1 processors and visionOS, the new Vision Pro delivers an incredible 3D experience like no other. Its ultra-high-resolution display system, 12 cameras, five sensors, six microphones, and a Spatial Audio system work together to let users interact with 3D digital content in their physical space with their eyes, hands, and voice.

Vision Pro accessories and the iOS app are designed to ensure that it fits everyone properly

The headset’s glass is housed in an aluminum frame which features a Light Seal in soft textile and a range of shapes and sizes, along with a headband in multiple sizes to ensure it fits users precisely.

Apple vision pro

However, as each consumer has their distinguished, unique, head shape and requirements, Apple is developing the following additional Vision Pro accessories and an accompanying iPhone app according to the report:

  • An iPhone app to scan a person’s head when purchasing Vision Pro online. The app will help in determining accessory sizing. 
  • Carl Zeiss AG will make optional prescription lenses for the device, especially for users who have different prescriptions for each eye.
  • A second strap that will sit across the top of a user’s head for users with smaller body sizes and heads.
  • Shoulder-worn pouches to carry battery packs for users who wear clothes without pockets.
  • Other accessories to protect the Vision Pro headset prevent cracks, scratches, and other accidental damage to the glass.
  • Travel Mode for passengers in a car and airplane.

It is also reported that the company is working on head straps for users with cultural apparel like a hijab for the device to fit precisely and comfortably. 

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