New Wallpaper from Windows 7 x64 build 7232

The latest of the countless Windows 7 leaks is build 7232 in the x64 flavor. It’s a VHD image marked 7232.0.winmain.090613-0700 and contains a spanking new wallpaper. It looks really sweet and seems as if it was designed by someone from DeviantArt.

It is very similar to the logon screen background but has the Windows Logo in the center. By the way there’s still a little bird in the bottom left blue portion of the Windows 7 logo.

To use it, open the image below and right click and save it or set it as desktop background.

[via UX Evangelist]Win7Wall

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  1. I don’t really like it though it does match the login screen. Luckily Win7 packs a number of premade themes to choose form right out of the box..

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