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Lets start this week off with a cheap game. Axe in Face: Red Beard loves gardening more than he loves pillaging. His obsession with flowers can turn him into a vicious killing machine. Not only does he know how to handle a watering can, he can also throw an axe like no other Viking in the village. This game is packed with 32 different levels and is a quality time waster. I’m going to give this app a 5/5 because quite honestly I found it difficult to find any bad points about the app. The app is fun and doesn’t get boring because its a simple idea with no unnecessary add-ons and its only $0.99 (£0.59).

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Monster Falls: Welcome to Monster Falls, where monsters from all around the world compete in their favourite sport. Using the simple tilt controls, get your monster to the bottom of the cave as fast as you can. Collect orbs along the way to increase your score. But watch out – the caves contain all manner of obstacles and dangers, from bouncy mushrooms to homing missiles that chase you through the cave. Use short cuts, wind currents, powerups and more to give yourself the advantage. This game comes with 19 different caves and 24 different online leader boards. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t support Retina Display but I’m not 100% certain that it should cost $1.99 (£1.19). I imagine the game is very fun to play on the iPad so its getting a solid 4/5 from me.

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Blind World :When I got this app i was a bit freaked out because all I could see was a white screen and a black ball in the middle, so I tipped my iPod to one side and then the ball began to roll and it hit a colourful block and as the ball rolled along this invisible line they kept lighting up. The idea of the game is to find the shape buy tipping your iDevice and making the shape. This game get very addictive once you’ve played the first couple of levels and the idea is so simple and I can’t imagine how fun it would be on an iPad so its getting  5/5 and for $0.99 (£0.59). This app couldn’t be any better.

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We City: From the team that brought you We Rule and We Farm, create your own We City from over 100 unique buildings and decorations. Bodybuilders, fry cooks and fashionistas take to your city’s streets with each building you add. Helicopters soar through your skies. And share your bustling city with your friends! This app is a great idea but to be honest this is a poor app; its slow and laggy a lot of the time, it crashes on a regular basis and there are still server problems so this app is getting a 2.5/5 from me ! (Free)

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Mr.Bill: Guide Mr. Bill through two disaster-filled jobs and dozens of fun-filled levels. Stay aloft until you reach your destination by bouncing off trampolines, dangling from balloons and getting shot into the air by a trained seal all while avoiding all manner of unpleasant obstacles. If you survive the circus you’ll report for work at Sluggo’s farm where the hay bailer is the least of your problems. This app is really fun to be play and the sounds and graphics of when he dies are hilarious so I’m giving this app a strong 4.5/5 and for $0.99 (£0.59) this is a real deal.

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