Microsoft Launching Windows Phone 7 on October 21; AT&T to Carry HTC Mondrian on Launch


The coming October will be a busy month for Microsoft. Many events will be held worldwide on October 21 to introduce Windows Phone 7 handsets. New York City will be the fist destination to hold the open house where Microsoft is planning to show the new devices to people. The devices will hit Europe first in many countries  including UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Microsoft released the final build of Windows Phone 7 to manufacturing some time ago and no, everybody is waiting for the big day to try the experience and judge the devices themselves. We hope for these devices to be a start of a new experience in the smart phone world. Zune services are going international for Windows Phone 7 launch which is apparently a good reason to get this OS for some users.

“This has been one of the most incredible product development efforts I’ve ever been a part of” said Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone. He also mentioned that the company is planning to go all out on Windows Phone 7 marketing.

Two Microsoft cool ads were published recently. Both adverts feature the HTC Mondrian on the AT&T network. Watch them here:

[via Neowin]

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