Windows Phone 7 Launches–Here’s all you need to know

A brief history first. In 2004, Microsoft began working on a new phone OS codenamed Photon. Due to various problems, the whole project was scrapped but in 2008 in the Windows Phone team started from scratch by making a new OS called Windows Phone 7.

After much wait, Windows Phone 7 was launched today in New York and Europe. You will be able to get a Windows Phone 7 device starting November 8 in the US.

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Windows Phone 7 has a brand new interface called ‘Metro’ which is full of tiles and hubs. Each tile is an individual link to your emails, contacts, applications, phone, music etc but what is unique about the tiles is that they have live updates which is very helpful when glancing at information streamed from the web. There will be tiles for Xbox Live, Zune and Bing services as well as many third party apps will have support for them. You’ll be able to pin almost everything as a tile including pictures, videos, contacts and so on.

At launch, Windows Phone 7 wont support copy & paste or multi-tasking for third party apps but Microsoft have promised that they will add these features and more with an update early next year.

Windows Phone 7 contains a mobile version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will have support for a full web experience although there’s not HTML5 or Flash support yet. Expect these to arrive in future OS updates as well.

Other important hubs include Zune, Picture, Videos, Office and Xbox Live. Facebook integration is available throughout the operating system. Not only will your contacts be in sync with Facebook, you’ll be able to see your news feed, get their information and see your Facebook photo albums in the pictures hub.

Microsoft have assured customers that constant updates will be released to keep Windows Phone 7 up to date. Users will be notified when to update their phone through Windows Phone 7 Update. And lastly, apps for Windows Phone 7 will be made available through the Marketplace but only once they have been checked by Microsoft.

P.S. Zune has gone international and the desktop software has been updated to support Windows Phone 7

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