Google Releases Search App for Windows Phone 7–Download now!

Microsoft provides Bing as the default search engine for Windows Phone 7 just like Android has Google. But to make googling more convenient, Google has released a free Search App for Windows Phone 7 that lets you search the web, images, local and more –  in a nutshell, the complete search package.


The first release of this app isn’t too heavy on features. It provides search as suggestions, shows search history and uses your location to provide relevant search results ( this, of course, is optional ).google-windows-phone



Along with all the search goodness, you can also pin it as a tile to the Windows Phone 7 home screen as shown in the first image. Looks so much better than iPhone icons, doesn’t it? Wish all tiles were this colorful on WP7.


If you’re a Windows Phone 7 device owner, head to the Marketplace to download Google Search app.

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  1. Wow it is really Good for all Windows Phone 7 User’s who like Google but are forced to search their Content on Bing.

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