Scrollable Menus & Toolbars May Come To iOS & Mac OS X Lion

According to Patently Apple, Apple has just recently filed for a new patent which strongly suggests that the upcoming Mac OS X Lion and may be even the future versions of iOS could be feature ‘scrolling menus and toolbars’. This way, users would be able to bring up a menu or a toolbar related to any specific application or environment in which they are working at that time and easily scroll through them to select a specific command.


There is also indication that these toolbars or scrollable menus may consist of ‘text-only’ commands as well as some icons. In short, this could actually change the way we work and interact with our operating systems. For instance, on our current Mac OS, we use a drop down menu to lets say, save a file or open and edit a document. In case of iOS, we use popup menus by tapping and holding for a few seconds. With this patent, all this may change for good. It’s tool early to precisely predict how easy the new scrolling toolbars solution would actually be in Mac OS, but this can for sure be extremely handy in case of iOS devices.


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[via Patently Apple]

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