VLC Player 22.0 Out for Multiple Platforms With Extensions, Resume Playback And More

VLC player version 22.0 is now available as a major release for multiple platforms with new features including playback resume support, UltraHD codecs, automatic video rotation, extensions, operating system specific user interface updates and much more.

VLC Player 22 0 Out for Multiple Platforms With New Features

VLC player 22.0, codenamed WeatherWax is available for both desktop and mobile platforms which include Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Android TV, WinRT, Windows RT (beta) and Windows Phone (beta). This is for the first time that VLC releases have been coordinated for so many platforms.

Here is the complete change log for the new release:

  • Automatic rotation for vertical videos, taken using phones. Support for MP4/MOV, MKV and raw H624 formats
  • Resume playback. Support was already available on mobile, now available on desktop too.
  • Improved support for UltraHD codecs
  • New hardware acceleration for Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi. Other platforms to receive in 3.0
  • Extensions now have a Firefox add-ons like interface. Extensions can be shared and downloaded from within the app
  • Subtitles downloading support through extension
  • Improved compatibility with¬†Ogg, MP4, and WMV files
  • Support for Digital Cinema Package to playback native movie theatre formats
  • Experimental support for interactive menus in BluRays: BD-J
  • Updated user interfaces for Android (new material design) and Yosemite releases
  • Android release is out of beta now while Windows Phone, Windows RT and Android TV releases are in beta
As always, VLC is the swiss army knife and plays back almost any video format you can throw at it. Some of the updates were long time pending, such as Yosemite support.
VLC Player 22 0 Out for Multiple Platforms With New Features   1

Just like before, VLC player is open source and free. Download links available below for all platforms included in this release.

VLC for Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux VLC for Android and Android TV VLC for iOS VLC for Windows Phone VLC for Windows RT

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