Notable Apps this week in App Store for iPhone and iPad – 3

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This is the third week of reviews so lets kick it off with FIFA 11: WE ARE 11! Visual excellence made to maximize the stunning Retina Display, new precision controls, authentic teams and superstar players. Ready to kick it to the next level? The total soccer experience for iPod touch & iPhone is here.To be honest, apart from the new easier to control D-Pad and retina display, this game is poor because its 858 MB!!! And the game doesn’t even work on iPods. This game needs work so its only getting 2/5 from me.If you want to play FIFA buy an Xbox! $4.99(£2.99)

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Real Soccer 2011(or Real Football 2011): The game has been brought  to an all-new playing field for the most realistic soccer experience ever on iPhone. Prepare for totally new graphics and animations that will impress even long-time fans of the series. This is your chance to be a Real Soccer champion, just like David Villa, in the most exciting sports simulation to date. Acclaimed by the press last year as the soccer game to beat. This game is made to steal buyers off FIFA. The game has better graphics with Retina and runs smoothly, plus the game works on iPods and is only 227MB. The controls of the game are complicated and need to be sorted out but apart from that this app gets 4/5. $4.99(£2.99)

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BIT.TRIP BEAT: This is the arcade game for the new millennium, fusing Pong with interactive beats. Use the accelerometer or touch controls to move the paddle up and down, bouncing beats back from which they came! Listen and react to different beat progressions as you try to survive an onslaught of spectacular retro visuals. Successfully chain beats and obtain the megasphere to go for insane scores, not to mention the elusive “Perfect Score.” Team-up with your friends for the intense Multiplayer Gameplay Mode! Bounce to the beat with BIT.TRIP BEAT! This little app gets increasingly addictive once you’ve played it once or twice. The app never runs out of fun because you can play with your friends on an iPad and if you’re on a iPod and the funky music to go with it makes you enjoy it even more. The only improvement would be to make it available across all generations of iPods. I’m going to give this app 4.5/5.$1.99(£1.19) 50% off at the moment.


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Circull: This is a relaxing yet mind bending puzzle game. It combines whimsical creatures inspired by the works of M. C. Escher with the familiar rules of a match three game. This game is actually fun. The game is easy to get used to but difficult to master and is great for on-the-go gaming. Even better, the app can be used by people of all ages. I’m going to give this app 4/5, I would give it a 5 but for $1.99(£1.19) I don’t think you get enough.

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Gravitate!: Control gravity in the palm of your hands! Avoid bombs as you gravitate your ball to the exit! 45 Fantastic and Fun levels that will elevate your mind to the gravity of the situation.This app is brilliant as a little time waster and it fits perfectly for iPad and brings hours of fun. You get a lot of levels for just $0.99(£0.59) so this strategy game is getting 4.5/5 from me.

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