NUTS and Spire Blast games arrive on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has added two new titles to its vast collection of games. NUTS – A Surveillance Mystery and Spire Blast are the latest games to join the expanding library of Apple Arcade.

Since the launch of Apple Arcade, the service has added games regularly and features over 140 games for its users.

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NUTS and Spire Blast arrive on Apple Arcade

NUTS – A Surveillance Mystery is a single-player surveillance mystery game that is established in a secluded forest, where players are tasked with discovering the location of a group of squirrels. The game challenges players to analyze their behavior, uncover their hidden secrets, carefully layout equipment, record the squirrels’ movements and report findings.

Gear up your caravan, boot up your GPS, spread out your map and head for the depths of Melmoth Forest. As a rookie field researcher, you’ll place cameras during the day, and watch the footage at night, tracking the movements of a scurry of squirrels.

Where do they hide their nuts? What puzzling routes do they take? And why do they behave so strangely?

Orbital Night’s Spire Blast allows gamers to match colors to shoot and blast towers while they battle against an ever-hungry dragon companion to collapse numerous mysterious towers of all sizes and shapes.

Take a step into the colorful world of Spire Blast. With your ever hungry dragon companion collapse numerous mysterious towers of all shapes and sizes that have risen all over the kingdom. Test your wits and skills, use all the tools at your disposal and you will emerge victorious!

Spire Blast is a family-friendly, colorful puzzle game that challenges players to topple towers using a system of matching and powerups.

Both of these games are available on Apple Arcade, for a monthly cost of $4.99. The games can be played on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.

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