NVIDIA to push their graphics barrier even further with their Fermi GPU?

According to sources, nVidia is revealing it’s phenomenal Fermi GPU design to the public. So what can we expect from it? Double the performance from it’s current counter parts!


NVIDA has always been delivering faster and better graphics solutions from time to time and the Fermi GPU is about to reveal itself as a performance delivering monster. The features of the GPU are quite impressive, 480 cores of raw processing power, with 3 billion transistors and DirectX 11 support! So can we expect the GeForce GTX 470 and 480 to be the flagship Graphic Cards? Let’s hope this turns out to be even better like always.

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  1. Ahh, another victim of the Nvidia PR machine.

    Firstly, from leaked benchmarks making their rounds on the interweb, it looks like Fermi will have around 10% advantage over the current ATI cards at most.

    These should be taken with a pinch of salt, of course. However, there is no conceivable way Nvidia will double the performance of last generation cards, let alone the current generation ATI.

    Secondly, the GTX 480 will ship with 480 cores, not 512.

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