Oculus Quest 2 will sync VR fitness data with Health app on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Meta has announced that Oculus Quest 2 users will be able to track their VR fitness stats on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch via the Apple Health app. A new update of the Oculus Move app, launching next month, will allow iOS and Android users to track their VR fitness journey outside the headset. 

Oculus Quest 2

The company says that Oculus Quest 2’s VR fitness program is as real as a conventional workout program, therefore, users should have more ways to track their VR workout outside the Oculus Move app, Quest’s built-in fitness tracker which is only accessible in VR. 

Getting fit in VR is fun and convenient. Whether you’re smashing targets in Supernatural, or swinging your hips in Dance Central, you’re burning real calories, and that sweat drenching your shirt is very real.

Currently, you can only access these stats via the Oculus Move app in VR. But we know that people stay active in many ways beyond just VR, and track their fitness activities across multiple apps and platforms. You’ve told us you want the ability to check your Move stats even after taking off your Quest 2, and we’ve heard you.

Synced with the Health app, Oculus Quest 2 will automatically track VR workouts on Apple devices

As per the announcement, Oculus Quest 2 users will be able to track their VR fitness performance in two new ways. 

  1. Quest 2 users will be able to connect the Move app to their Oculus mobile app on iOS and Android to sync their stats and view them on their smartphones anytime like calories burned count, the duration of VR workouts, goals, and more. 
  2. iOS users can sync their VR fitness progress with the Health app to automatically track their VR workouts on iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. All of the users’ exercise metrics, in and out of VR, will be available in one place without the hassle of having to manually input information. 

Oculus Quest 2

Meta also mentions that the sync between platforms is safe and secure, and users’ data will not be used to show targeted ads.  

If you do decide to sync your fitness data with the Oculus Mobile app, your Move stats are processed and stored on our servers in order to provide this feature and protected with end-to-end encryption on our servers. We don’t use your Oculus Move stats to inform the ads you see on any Meta services.

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