View multiple time zones with Onetime app for iPhone

Onetime is a new clock app for iPhone by Lunar which makes it quick to view the current time in different time zones. You can also use the Time Machine feature to move ahead or backwards on the clock, to see what time it would be in other places, compared to your local time.

The app has a very minimalistic design revolving around a clock which is divided into day and night sections. The selected cities and their timings are shown on the clock and their location on the circle shows what time of the day it is. To see what time it is in another location, you have to just rotate the circle and see the timings for all locations update. The dates are also available at the bottom of the app to show when the day has changed for a location. Extremely simple.

The animations are delightful and make this barebones app nice on the eyes. Other features include the ability to add as many cities as you want. You can also tap the center of the circle to reset the clock to the current time of your location. Users can also chose to disable GPS and manually select their location, switch to a 24-hour clock or use UTC time.


We wish there was an Apple Watch app version of Onetime which would work with the Digital Crown. However, as Apple does not allow third party apps to develop complete watch faces, this would just be another app on the smartwatch.

Onetime is available for free in the App Store. Highly recommended app if you work with teams or offices in multiple time zones or travel a lot.

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