Opera 10.5 IS the fastest browser on Earth

Opera Logo

Opera have beaten all other browsers when it comes to speed. Opera has released the latest version of their web browser, version 10.5 for both Windows and Mac, featuring what seems to be like an amazing 7 times speed boost, not to forget about updates.


They have shown their browser’s amazing speed using their new JavaScript Engine known as “Carakan” which is 7 times faster then their older JavaScript engine “Furthak” used in Opera 10.10, and a new graphics library called “Vega”.

The way they achieved such speed is somewhat simple. Opera compresses web pages and routes them through their powerful servers. You can also benefit from Opera’s private browsing, either within a tab, or a whole window.

One of the things that caught my eye are the UI changes. Windows 7 and Vista users can now enjoy the use of the Aero Glass for Opera. The tabs can be enlarged for better preview, here’s how it looks:

Enlarged Tabs

When FireFox came out, it was considered to be speedy. But Opera and Google Chrome kept claiming being the speediest browser, and the challenge hasn’t ended yet. Let’s see what the future holds.

To download Opera 10.5, click here.

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