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Classics While I’m not really a fan of reading novels or books, I must say reading them on my  notebook has given me second thoughts about it ( although it still can never persuade me to read Harry Potter! ). Zinio has provided over 100 all time classics Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Beowulf and the likes. And best of all, they are available to read both online and offline!

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Zinio provides a reading experience which is very close to the real deal through a   flash player and through its Zinio Reader for offline reading. Using the offline reader, you can make notes and annotations on the go, which it keeps with your user id on zinio. It also provides a huge collection of magazines available for subscriptions which can be automatically downloaded to the reader. I am a subscriber of PC Magazine and its as close as it can get to having a physical copy of it in my hands. If not for the magazines, this is a great gift for all you bookworms out there looking to get their dose of boredom literature on the go using their portable computer. Oh and yes, the digital book pages flip like the real thing as well.

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