Papa John’s new tvOS app allows Pizza Ordering from Apple TV

The popular Pizza chain, Papa John’s has released its official app for Apple TV. The app allows users of the fourth generation Apple TV to not only order pizzas from the restaurant’s menu but also to create their own by selecting toppings of their liking. The company is also offering a 25% discount on every order placed via Apple TV.

Papa John's new tvOS app allows Pizza Ordering from Apple TV

The Pizza giant aims to deliver an entirely innovative pizza ordering experience to its customers by allowing them to create, order and pay for their favorite meals from the comfort of their homes while enjoying television.

“With the launch of our Apple TV app, we’re hoping to make family movie night and friend gatherings around the TV even more enjoyable by delivering the same quality product and experience our customers expect in a convenient and interactive way.”

Papa John’s Apple TV app offers creative and interactive features to get the pizza creation and delivery process done.

  • The ‘conversational group order’ feature allows customers to deliberate what kind of pizza to order in a group. As a group, customers will be able to verbally communicate all the specifications of an order such as toppings, size, and crust type to the app. This is one of a kind functionality which delivers a restaurant-type interactive feeling at home when placing an order.
  • ‘Pizza builder’ option gives users additional choice of deciding different toppings on four quarters of the pizza. For example, users can choose to have pineapple and cheese on one-half, and pepperoni and cheese on the other half. Halves can also be broken down into quarters.
  • The ‘easy check out’ is one tap to order feature. Customers can create an account to save their address, payment information, and access favorite meals. This saves time by not having to provide information every time and also by ordering previously ordered meals.
  • Besides a 25% discount, users can also avail Papa reward points to redeem in future orders.

Although Papa John’s is not the first food chain to roll out a pizza-ordering app, it is definitely the first one to launch an Apple TV app. In its rivalry with Domino, Papa John’s has earned itself an edge by being the go to app for Pizza lovers while watching their favorite programs on Apple TV.

Search for Papa John’s in the Apple TV App Store to download the app.

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