Virtually explore locations by completing goals with Fitbit Adventures

Fitbit Adventures is a newly added feature to the popular fitness app, Fitbit. Adventures introduces new step challenges which are designed to deliver an exciting virtual experience to explore the Yosemite National Park in California. Users will walk to various destinations, landmarks, and amazing sights by setting and completing step goals daily as an individual challenge.

Fitbit Adventures

Adventures offers many new features such as unlocking new virtual destinations by using step counts in real life to complete challenges. Users can also unlock 180-degree views of various sights within each challenge and collect treasures along the trail like mini fitness challenges, fun facts of the places and more.

Users can easily access Adventures in the Challenges section of the app. Only the first Adventure challenge ‘Yosemite Vernal Fall’ is available for now. After successful completion of this challenge, users will be able to unlock subsequent challenges. The step requirements to complete each challenge increases as users unlock new challenges. For example, the second Adventures challenge, Yosemite Valley Loop requires 24,000 steps and the third challenge, Yosemite Pohono Trail requires 42,000 steps.

Fitbit Adventure

Fitbit Adventure

Getting Started

  • Open the Challenges section in the app and embark on your first exploration challenge  by tapping on the only unlocked ‘Yosemite Vernal Falls’ challenge.
  • On selecting Vernal Falls, the app will open the details of the adventure in a separate section. The details section of the Challenge displays the number of steps required to complete the challenge, rules and a ‘start tomorrow’ options.
  • The challenge will begin by tapping on the ‘start tomorrow’ option. On selection of the option, the app will direct the user back to the challenge homepage with a ‘Vernal Falls’ banner.
  • Users will have to tap on the banner to access the virtual map of the challenge.

Fitbit Adventure

  • The map will show a pre-set track with different landmarks and sights flagged on it. As the users walk in real life, they will cover the distance on the app’s map.
  • The Journal option on the Map catalogs the number of landmarks with 180 degrees view to be unlocked by walking there, a record of daily destinations, Treasures at the place to be collected, and badges to be earned at the destination after challenge completion.

Fitbit Adventure 1

Fitbit Adventure

  • Users can easily ‘Quit a challenge’ by tapping on the hamburger menu on the top right of the map.

Fitbit Adventure

The app was recently updated to version 2.26.1 which includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

Fitbit is available in the App Store for free and requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Download Fitbit Adventures for iOS

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