PayPal offers small businesses a boost with Apple Pay integration

PayPal is now rolling out Apple Pay as a checkout option for small businesses, enabling them to offer Apple Pay as a payment option during their checkout flow.

The addition of Apple Pay to PayPal’s platform offers small businesses the opportunity to provide their customers with a fast and convenient checkout experience. With Apple Pay, customers can make purchases without having to enter their payment information every time they buy something. Additionally, Apple Pay offers an extra layer of security as it uses tokenization to protect users’ card information.


Apple Pay now available for small businesses using PayPal’s payment platform

The integration of Apple Pay into PayPal’s “complete payments solution” platform was first detailed last year as part of the company’s strategic initiatives and business updates. PayPal’s complete payments solution is an unbranded checkout flow that many small businesses use, and it’s different than the branded checkout page.

Small businesses using PayPal as the backend for their payment processing can now enable Apple Pay as an additional payment option. By doing so, these businesses can accept Apple Pay alongside other popular payment options, providing their customers with an easy, secure, and private way to pay online and in-app when using Apple devices.

“The retail landscape is constantly evolving, and SMBs need access to a range of tools to help them drive sales, cut costs and protect themselves and their customers from fraud,” said Nitin Prabhu, VP of Merchant Experiences and Payment Solutions. “With our complete payments solution, small businesses can get access to all of these tools with one integration.”

Apple Pay

At launch, the ability to pay with Apple Pay through PayPal’s unbranded checkout flow is available only for one-time transactions. However, the payment platform has announced that recurring payment support will be added soon. This is great news for small businesses that have been looking for an easy and secure way to accept payments from customers using Apple Pay.

Overall, the integration of Apple Pay into PayPal’s complete payments solution is a great development for small businesses. It provides them with an additional payment option that is fast, secure, and convenient for their customers.

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