Apple’s Weather app faces criticism following blank screen issues

Apple’s Weather app has been experiencing issues around the world, with users periodically encountering blank screens due to a lack of available data.

Weather app

Native iOS Weather app experiences global outage

While Apple’s official system status site acknowledges the issue, it claims that the impact is solely affecting users in Alaska. However, it appears that the issue is much more widespread than Apple is letting on, with users experiencing the issue in regions around the world.

Weather app

It’s unlikely that Apple sources all of its weather data from a single provider in Alaska, so it’s probable that the system status only reflects the current issue. The problem has been improving overnight, with certain regions getting forecasts, but users are still having to reload data in some cases. If the issue is indeed a data outage, it would suggest that there have been multiple such outages at data providers around the world.

According to Apple, the problems began at 11 p.m. Eastern on Monday. The issues are particularly frustrating for users who rely on the Weather app to plan their day and stay up-to-date on weather conditions. Apple’s Weather app was redesigned following the company’s acquisition of Dark Sky, but it has separately been criticized for an inconsistent “bug” related to its temperature data display.

It’s not clear what is causing the current issue with the Weather app, but it may be related to the redesign and the integration of Dark Sky’s technology. Apple has not provided any further information about the issue or when it is expected to be fully resolved.

While the Weather app issue may be relatively minor compared to other tech problems, it underscores the importance of reliable data sources and the potential impact of even small glitches on users. As we increasingly rely on technology for everyday tasks and information, companies must prioritize ensuring that their systems are working as expected and that users have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

In the meantime, users of Apple’s Weather app will have to be patient as the company works to resolve the issue.

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