Pixelmator Photo gains new Clarity and Texture tools along with 50% holiday discount

Pixelmator Photo has received a new update that brings enhanced sharpness and shadow details tools to the popular app for iPhone and iPad. These Clarity and Texture adjustment tools help in recovering more highlights and shadow detail in photos. The developers are also offering a holiday discount of 50% off the first year of an annual Pixelmator Photo subscription.

Pixelmator Photo

The new Clarity and Texture adjustment tools allow users to enhance the details and structure of their photos. The tools smartly identify small and large objects in a photo and make independent edits to ensure that the sharpness is applied accurately. The Clarity tool also improves the brightness and colors of photos, alongside the sharpness. Thanks to its algorithms, Pixelmator Photo ensures that using Clarity will not give your photos an overprocessed or underprocessed look, and will strike the right balance in giving them a natural feel.

Users can also go one step ahead and use the Selective Clarity tool to simply apply it to certain parts of the photo. This can be useful in situations where a user might want to apply the tool on just skin or the background of a photo.

The Highlights and Shadows recovery tools have also received improvements and have been completely rebuilt as per the developers. They can recover more details than ever before and provide realistic colors and textures. Due to the major change in how the tools work, any edits on older photos will continue to rely on the previous implementation. Newer edits will rely on the new changes. Users can reset all adjustments on their older photos, as a workaround, in order to use the newer implementations of the Highlights and Shadows recovery tools.

The Pixelmator team also notes that these tools will be the most impactful when used on RAW photos since they contain a lot more data than regular photos.

The last update is in terms of performance. The team says that Pixelmator Photo is now up to two times faster than before thanks to color adjustment performance improvements.

The app is available for both iPhone and iPad in the App Store. The 50% discount on the firs year of subscription can be redeemed by using this link.

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