New Pocket for iOS features redesigned Home hub for improved user experience

The popular reader app Pocket has been updated to version 8.0.0 with a redesign. The updated app enhances user experience by making it easier for users to identify and curate articles that match their individual interests and passions.

Pocket’s new features are inspired by user feedback to ensure that the service continues to be the go-to platform for staying updated on the topics users love.


Pocket for iOS 8.3 enables users to find and organize content more easily

As outlined by Pocket’s parent company Mozilla in the announcement blog post, the redesigned Pocket experience makes it easier for you to find news and subjects that interest you.

Whether you’re using the mobile app or browsing the web, the redesigned layout offers a range of discovery content and tailored recommendations. This means that you will stay updated even when you’re on the go.


The app now acts as a hub where users can easily find and store material. A smooth entry point for discovering all that the app has to offer, from your saved content to carefully curated collections, is the revamped Home hub.


The new design includes a simplified navigation and settings screen, improving the overall user experience. The Saves tab, previously known as My List, has received an updated layout, offering streamlined access to features such as search and listen, as well as the ability to view your tagged items and favorites. Archiving items has also been made easier with a simple swipe gesture.


In a few cases, certain features have been permanently removed to make way for new or improved experiences. For instance, the ability to make recommendations to other Pocket users has been replaced by the innovative Lists feature, aimed at transforming content sharing into a seamless experience. Rest assured, Pocket is investing in improving this sharing capability.

While some features may be temporarily missing from this release but fear not! The Pocket product team is actively working to bring back those favorites, ensuring a continually enhanced user experience.

Looking ahead, Pocket’s iOS version will be regularly updated every two weeks. In the coming months, the ability to create and view highlights on saved articles will be reintroduced, alongside enhancements to the quality of recommended articles and additional functionality for the Listen feature, enabling you to listen to your saved articles.

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