Apple’s “Tap to Pay on iPhone” service launches across U.S. [U: Now available in Australia]

Apple’s new contactless payment “Tap to Pay on iPhone” feature is now available across stores in the United States. At the time of the announcement, Apple stated that the feature will be released to iPhones later this year, but Mark Gurman from Bloomberg claims that stores have started to accept payments through “Tap to Pay” nationwide.

[Update: May 18, 2023: Apple has expanded the new payment service to merchants in Australia. Now, local businesses of any size can quickly accept wireless payments directly from users’ iPhones and a compatible iOS app.]

apple - Tap to Pay

Using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the new “Tap to Pay” feature allows users to make or accept payments directly from their iPhones through a simple tap and does not require any additional hardware or payment terminal.

The new feature is designed to benefit merchants, especially small businesses to quickly and easily receive payments without investing in payment terminals like Block Inc.’s Square which is required to accept contactless payments that need to be plugged in or have a Bluetooth connection.

Tap to Pay - Apple

Merchants can now accept payments directly from iPhones via “Tap to Pay”

Recently, the tech giant tested the new payment on iPhone feature at Apple Park Visitor Center, and a video shared of the transaction via “Tap to Pay” appeared seamless and “awesome”.

Compatible iPhones can now be used as payment terminals to accept payments via Apple Pay powered by credit/debit cards added to the Wallet app or other digital wallets. Billy Alvarado, Stripe’s chief business officer said:

“Whether you’re a salesperson at an internet-first retailer or an individual entrepreneur, you can soon accept contactless payments on a device that’s already in your pocket: your iPhone. With Tap to Pay on iPhone, millions of businesses using Stripe can enhance their in-person commerce experience by offering their customers a fast and secure checkout.”

Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet said:

“As more and more consumers are tapping to pay with digital wallets and credit cards, Tap to Pay on iPhone will provide businesses with a secure, private, and easy way to accept contactless payments and unlock new checkout experiences using the power, security, and convenience of iPhone.
In collaboration with payment platforms, app developers, and payment networks, we’re making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes — from solopreneurs to large retailers — to seamlessly accept contactless payments and continue to grow their business.”
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