Pokémon Masters, brace yourselves for the official game on iPhone and Android

Pokémon Go, the official game, is coming to iPhone and Android smartphones, along with a wearable called Pokémon Go Plus. The game will be located in the real world, letting users catch Pokémons and battle each other. The wearable is being developed by Nintendo while the game is under development by Niantic, the now Alphabet owned company which created the augmented reality smartphone game called Ingress.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go will let gamers find, catch, trade or battle against other users right from their smartphones. As per the announcement video, the game will take advantage of GPS and augmented reality to make it a real time game with social interaction.

The Pokémon Go Plus wearable will connect with your phone and the game via Bluetooth and will notify users about in game events based on their location. For example, if a Pokémon is nearby or someone close by wants to trade, the wearable will notify via an LED light and vibration. The game can be played without the wearable too but the wearable will definitely be a plus point for dedicated Pokémon fans.

Nintendo is developing the wearable but it will be interesting to see if the notification capabilities are expanded to current popular smartphones such as Android Wear and Apple Watch. A lot of developers, such as EA, already create apps for them to give realtime notifications from the games.

Pokémon GO Plus
Pokémon GO Plus wearable

Pokémon Go will launch in 2016 and is a joint effort by the Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Niantic, Inc. The game will be available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store and in-app purchases will be optional.

There have been no in game screenshots but an announcement video has been made which shares the experience. You still can’t tell how the gameplay will be from the video.

You can find more about the game from the announcement on the official website.

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